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Greetings Classmates and Friends...

Welcome to the Class of 1975 website! Consider it a work in progress, a first attempt to provide a single place where we can keep in touch in real time, at home, at sea, on the road, or at work. Please pass this website address (as well as the class E-Mail address below) on to all our classmates you are in contact with. The E-Mail address is mine at home and I will check it as often as possible and relay information on our classmates for all to see (unless you request otherwise). As I get better at this, I want to create an E-Mail directory to include 100% of our class and later provide an online Class Directory with addresses and telephone numbers (anyone can opt out of this). It's kind of meager now, but I'm sure it will expand as word gets around. I may harass some of you for information on what you and your family are doing, so I can develop a "Classmate in the Spotlight"section. If you'd like to be the Spotlight guinea pig, send me some info now...something like your life story after June 4, 1975 but in two paragraphs or so...

25th Class Reunion: October 6-8, 2000...

This website will be our source of information for our 25th Reunion in 2000. Mark the date down now on your calendar! No one will want to miss the 25th! I will pass information on our reunion plans here...it ain't far away, guys! I need your help to plan this thing. Our Connecticut contingent in 1995 (Larry Eppler, Steve Conway, Jim Sabo, Tim Sullivan, Mike Smith &Walt Veselka) did a great job for our 20th. This reunion will be a big one too, so let's make it one to remember! Got an idea? Something that you liked or didn't like from a previous reunion? We need your help to make this the biggest and best reunion ever. Hey, guys - we aren't getting any younger!

CGA Alumni Association

I hope you are already a member of the Alumni Association. For $4.00 a month it's hard to beat, just for The Bulletin alone. If you're not a member yet, please consider joining now. Many of us are considering leaving the Service and the Alumni Association offers some great bennies for members only, including transition help through "Service Academy Career Conferences" and the "Service Academy Business Resource Directory." But to access these, you MUST be a member. Our Class has only 55% membership...can you believe it, CGA '96 has 90% of their class already signed up- and they're an even numbered class!

Speaking of the Alumni Association, please send me an E-mail with your thoughts on how well (or how poorly) the Alumni Association is doing. There has been a great deal of controversy over the last few years - that's why I volunteered as a member of the Board of Directors. Let me know what you like or don't like about the CGAA. I will probably develop a survey and put it here so I can get a better sense of what we want and should expect from it.

Class Gift

At the 20th reunion, our class organizers had a great idea and decided to create a Ray Brooks Memorial Library on EAGLE as our class gift and asked everyone to donate $125 each for that purpose. I think we need to review how that fund is doing and look toward a more substantial gift, perhaps an endowment. An easy way - especially 3 years before the reunion - is to bump up your allotment to the Academy Alumni Association and have all funds over $48 a year (the minimum membership) deposited into the Class of 1975 Fund. Please let me know what you think. If you have some ideas of what we could give, please let me know. I appreciate that there are some hard feelings about recent fund raising by the CGAA...but I don't think that should affect what the Class of 1975 decides to do with respect to a class gift, especially if we can have full control over the funds and their use.

Request and Complaint Mast...


OK, so maybe it might be more complaint than request, but...let me know what you like and don't like about this web page (do these colors blind you?)...got a good idea or suggestion (or just want me off your back)? Now cut me some slack (this is my first website), but let me know what you think! Send me a note at the E-Mail address below:


Class WebMeister-in-Training,
"Corky " Whitehead

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