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Craig Trump is down in Houston Texas and working for Compaq Computer Corp. where he's been for about 8 years. He's now working on Integrated Enterprise Business Applications. After leaving the Coast Guard, he moved out to Colorado and worked on Space Shuttle systems for Martin Marietta, then got into Oil & Gas Investment systems until the bottom fell out of the oil market. Then he moved to Texas and worked for several large financial companies until the job at Compaq came along. He's even started his own computer consulting company on the side.

Rick Houck is the CG Fellow at the Center for Naval Analysis in Crystal City.He's finishing up the CG Future Directions Study and helping to draft CG Vision 2020. Rick's wife Lani just got her PhD in counseling from George Mason University...she's in private practice and has several consulting jobs with a wide variety of organizations/corporations. Their daughter Whitney is a high school senior and will be a swabbette (?) at CGA this summer. Way to go, Whitney! (Editorial comment: I knew we were getting older when the entering class was born after we we've got 2nd generation 75'er's at CGA!). Rick's E-Mail is

George Capacci says all is well on the last frontier (Alaska). After bouncing about for a bit in a number of miscellaneous paying jobs,he's taken a job in the Alaska Marine Highway System as Assistant Port Captain in Juneau. He's earned a Master's license (Oceans, Any Gross Tons) in Dec 96, a major prerequisite to the job with AMHS. Kathy is also working full time as a Registered Nurse at a clinic in Juneau. Their four children are doing well: Christina, Natalie, Anna & Andrew. George says all the traveling around and all the different schools they've attended hasn't hurt them. Kathy & George are glad to be settled down and setting deep roots in Alaska. George's work numbers are (907) 465-8802, FAX (07) 465-2474, e-mail:

Paul Ellner...sits in California at a desk dreaming about eating box lunches at FL210! He sees Jim Hanks, Chip Sharpe, Mike Dobravic, John Barrett & Dale Gabel on CG Island, Alameda often. Paul & Marianne have 4 kids, Chris (age 9 1/2 and a budding tennis & soccer star), Nicky (age 6 & a "teetering violinist) and adopted siblings Erin (age 2 1/2 and "Daddy's Girl") & Jesse (age 1 1/2 and the youngest of the kids). Gotta give them credit! Paul is getting adjusted (though not used to) flying a desk and Marianne sounds like she is awfully busy with 4 kids. Paul can be contacted at (believe it or not)

Larry Hall is currently XO at Group/AIRSTA North Bend and is living in Coos Bay, Oregon. He's been flying HH-65's for 8 years and HH-52's for 12 years before that. He's transferring this summer -- originally had orders to be TIC ("The" Interdiction Committee) liaison at USCG HQ in DC. When Group San Francisco reopened in March, he bid for the job, and got it! Change of Command is set for 28 June. Larry will be able to see Harley Henderson who will be taking over at MSO San Francisco at about the same time. Larry & Pam have just celebrateed their 20th anniversary and will live in the CO's Qtrs on YBI -- with his entire rating chain as neighbors -- oh, what a deal! They have 2 kids, Russell & Kim. Russell graduates from High School as one of 4 valedictorians in June, then he and Dad are off to CGA on 7 July so he can join the Class of 2001. Daughter Kim is finishing her freshman year in high school and is looking forward to being an "only" child once Russ is out of the nest. Larry can be reached at


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